C.W. Lemoine – Archangel Fallen

In the third full-length military espionage thriller from C.W. Lemoine, Spectre is being hunted by the FBI. The agency believes hes at the heart of an unthinkable act of terrorism. But as Spectres about to find out, the true culprit has set in motion a far more powerful conspiracy.

Patricia Logan – Crime & Chaos

Homeland Security investigators Pope Dades and Felix Jbarra have been partnered for six months and the excitement on and off the job keeps getting better. Working together every day is generally routine, but when the partners are assigned to supplement the Secret Service on a VIP protection detail, things really begin to heat up.

Jack Mars – Recall Zero

In Recall Zero (Agent Zero, Book 6), the Presidents translator is the only one privy to a secret conversation that can change the world. She is targeted for assassination and hunted down, and Agent Zero, called back into the line of duty, may just be the only one who can save her.

Jack Mars – Trapping Zero

In Trapping Zero (book 4), a terrorist cell in the Mideast gains a new, fanatic leader, one intent on orchestrating what would be the deadliest attack on American soil. Can Agent Zero uncover the plot and stop him in time?