Brandon Ford – The Facility

A picture-perfect life is shattered when Holly Vogel discovers her husband has crossed an unthinkable line – with their five-year-old daughter. She immediately takes the child and flees, closing all communication with a man, now seen only as a monster.

Eva Chase – Foul Conjuring

Having my birth mother back in my life? To say it’s a big transition is an understatement. Especially when she’s basically a stranger to me, and I’m not sure yet whether I can trust her to be any more maternal than the average fearmancer parent (which, spoiler, isn’t much).

Cherise Sinclair – Not a Hero

In the Alaska wilderness, four streetwise boys became men…and brothers. Now, the crazy ex-military survivalist who plucked Gabriel and three other boys from an abusive foster care home has died. But the sarge leaves them a final mission: to revive the dying town of Rescue.