Catherine Louisa Perkis, L. T. Meade, Anna Greene, Wilkie Collins – The Lady Detectives

A series of BBC Radio short stories, comprised of classic and period dramas featuring four female sleuths to rival Sherlock Holmes himself.

‘The Redhill Sisterhood’ by Catherine Louisa Pirkis

Autumn, 1897. Victorian undercover agent Loveday Brooke investigates some suspicious nuns who appear to have forsaken their vows – and turned to burglary.

‘Mr Boveys Unexpected Will’ by L. T. Meade and Robert Eustace

Brilliant, beautiful Miss Florence Cusack is one of Victorian Londons most respected consulting detectives. Here, she investigates the extraordinary case of a man whose fate depends on his weight in gold.

‘The Golden Slipper’ by Anna Katharine Green

Vivacious debutante Violet Strange sparkles in New York society – but leads a secret life as a professional agency detective. In this case from 1910, she investigates ‘The Inseparables’, four wealthy young women suspected of a series of thefts.

‘The Law and the Lady’ by Wilkie Collins

In this sensational Gothic tale from the author of The Woman in White and The Moonstone, new bride Valeria Woodville sets out to clear her husband of murdering his first wife.

Starring Gayanne Potter as Loveday Brooke, Elizabeth Conboy as Florence Cusack, Teresa Gallagher as Violet Strange and Abigail Docherty as Valeria Woodville.

Author: Catherine Louisa Perkis, L. T. Meade, Anna Greene, Wilkie Collins
Narrator: Abigail Docherty, Elizabeth Conboy, Gayanne Potter, Theresa Gallagher
Duration: 2 hours 55 minutes
Released: 19 Jun 2006
Publisher: BBC Digital Audio
Language: English

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