Chandler Burr – The Perfect Scent

No journalist has ever been allowed into the ultrasecretive, highly pressured process of originating a perfume. But Chandler Burr, the New York Times perfume critic, spent a year behind the scenes observing the creation of two major fragrances. Now, writing with wit and elegance, he juxtaposes the stories of the perfumes – one created by a Frenchman in Paris for an exclusive luxury-goods house, the other made in New York by actress Sarah Jessica Parker and Coty, Inc., a giant international corporation.

We follow Coty’s mating of star power to the marketing of perfume, watching Sex and the City’s Parker heading a hugely expensive campaign to launch a scent into the overcrowded celebrity market. Will she match the success of Jennifer Lopez? Does she have the international fan base to drive worldwide sales?

In Paris at the elegant Herms, we see Jean Claude Ellena, his company’s new head perfumer, given a challenge: he must create a scent to resuscitate Herms’ perfume business and challenge le monster of the industry, best-selling Chanel No. 5. Will his pilgrimage to a garden on the Nile supply the inspiration he needs? The answer lies in Burr’s informative and mesmerizing portrait of some of the extraordinary personalities who envision, design, create, and launch the perfumes that drive their billion-dollar industry.

Author: Chandler Burr
Narrator: Mel Foster
Duration: 12 hours 7 minutes
Released: 8 Aug 2004
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

outlaw existential

I did like this book. I listened to this book while driving from Portland, OR to Boise. I sure know now a bit about the perfume industry. I’!m still not happy about paying so much for my Gucci.