Charles Colson – Born Again

Born Again is the autobiography of one of the most influential men of our time. It is not only a remarkable story of one man’s redemption in Christ, but a fascinating look inside the events of one of America’s most riveting sagas.

In the 1970s, against the backdrop of the explosive Watergate scandal, Charles Colson revealed the story of his own search for meaning during the tumultuous investigations that led to the collapse of the Nixon administration. A convicted former special counsel to the president, Colson paradoxically found new life – not with success and power, but while in national disgrace and serving a prison sentence.

Author: Charles Colson
Narrator: Jon Gauger
Duration: 13 hours 16 minutes
Released: 11 Jul 2007
Publisher: Oasis Audio
Language: English

User Review:

wig corresponding

This book is a great listen even if you’re too young to remember much or anything about Watergate. Colson tells his story in a way to make you want to continue on to each next chapter. He is a man of true integrity who is not afraid to tell the truth about himself and how telling the truth set him free, even in prison. I want to be a better person after listening to “Born Again.” Jon Gauger is my favorite narrator to date in my Audible journey. He does a great Nixon. Highly recommend. Wish the sequel, “Life Sentence” was available on Audible.