Chris Salewicz – Jimmy Page

An in-depth biography of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page by the acclaimed biographer of Bob Marley and Joe Strummer, based upon the author’s extensive research and interviews.

The original enigmatic rock star, Jimmy Page is a mass of contradictions. A towering presence in the guitar world and one of the most revered rock guitarists of all time, in private he is reclusive and mysterious, retiring and given to esoteric interests. Over the decades, he has exchanged few words to the press given the level of his fame, and an abiding interest in the demonic and supernatural has only made the myth more potent.

But in the midst of this maelstrom, who was Jimmy Page? Rock journalist Chris Salewicz has conducted numerous interviews with Page over the years and has created the first portrait of the guitarist that can be called definitive, penetrating the shadows that surround him to reveal the fascinating man who dwells within the rock legend.

Author: Chris Salewicz
Narrator: Tom McGairl
Duration: 16 hours 57 minutes
Released: 19 Feb 2004
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Language: English

User Review:

hickory complete

This is an excellent book about a rock god, but this book isnt about worshiping him. He is presented flaws and all. Great insight into some of the timeless Zepplin moments and separates myth from legend. The narrator was good, his accent lends itself well to the content though I feel like he mispronounced a few words. All in all a great book.