Chris Tetle, Pete Bruen – Jimmy Page & David Coverdale

Jimmy Page, former Yardbirds member and session guitarist, was the founding member of Led Zeppelin, the band that invented the heavy-metal genre. This unique and exclusive audiobiog features Jimmy with David Coverdale. David leapt from nowhere to stardom when he replaced Ian Gillan as lead vocalist with Deep Purple and then went on to form Whitesnake, a band at the forefront of Britains new wave of heavy metal. A contractual agreement led to Jimmy Page teaming up with vocalist Robert Plant, bassist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham, thus forming Led Zeppelin in 1968 – they were to become one of the worlds biggest-ever bands and produced the number-one song of all time: “Stairway to Heaven”.

This is not an authorised music release by the artist, management, or record company, but an exclusive audiobiog. In this unique recording, Jimmy talks about his inspiration for writing, going back to his roots and the touring. David Coverdale talks about working with Jimmy and how Led Zeppelin and Jimmy were the influence and mentor for generations of rock stars.

Author: Chris Tetle, Pete Bruen
Narrator: Rockview
Duration: 57 minutes
Released: 10 Oct 2008
Publisher: Rockview
Language: English

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