Christopher Kinkaid – Solar PV Off-Grid Power

Solar energy is a formidable resource. Solar electric power systems, based on PV panels, make effective power supplies for your off-grid electricity needs. The sun distributes over 1,000 watts per square meter at peak and is the natural power supply for life on Earth. The sun, can also be your power supply. The best kept industrial secret is that we don’t need to burn fossil fuels for industrial power.

Solar PV panels, true 21st century tools, can provide daily energy production that can be used directly, or stored for later use, on demand, to power your remote electric loads onsite – with no pollution or fuel costs.

This book is a resource for building your own solar PV supply for remote cameras, LED lighting systems, communication, sensors, and remote cabin and home power systems with solar PV power system examples. The solar energy resource varies with time of day, season, and local climate. Solar PV panels, sized properly, produce reliable and predictable energy production, despite daily variations, when calculated properly for each month.

Tap into PV panels to charge battery banks for reliable DC, and, with inverters, AC power on demand. Remote site power supplies, designed and installed properly, offer real power for running a variety of electronic, motor, and large draw devices.

Use this audiobook to match your energy load with the energy production sized to match your electric loads for remote solar PV power. System examples range from 30-watt solar PV power supplies for cameras, electronics, and sensors, to 4,000-watt home power systems.

Author: Christopher Kinkaid
Narrator: Dennis E. Morris
Duration: 1 hr and 39 minutes
Released: 15 Feb 2010
Publisher: Solardyne, LLC
Language: English

User Review:

spectre needy

The author while showing good understanding of the technology to stalls focused on outlining typical systems and specific parts.

Not good for gaining practical knowledge or experiences from other practitioners.