Christopher Preble, Dan Griswold – CatoAudio, November 2005

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Christopher Preble and Dan Griswold on how U.S. farm policy hurts both the economy and liberty; Jay Greene on the myth that more money could save public education; Randy Barnett on the modern history of federalism; Ron Bailey on why genetically enhanced humans are no threat to political equality; Chris Edwards on the high cost of funds for federal pork spending ACLU president; and Nadine Strossen on the Constitution’s ability to protect both religion and government from majoritarian whims.

Author: Christopher Preble, Dan Griswold
Narrator: Bill McGregor
Duration: 1 hr and 13 minutes
Released: 5 Jan 2011
Publisher: The Cato Institute
Language: English

User Review:

bar puny

This story was a remarkable overview of the plight of people during the Genocide. The authors insights to a horrific period give a view of how individuals were caught up in the struggles by conveying not only their experiences but also their thoughts about their dire situation. I have been to Rwanda, heard many versions of the genocide but this story has given me further insights. The key people in the story are described in great depth and with sensitivity. It captures the realities of people’s lives based on the authors experiences as a journalist.