Chrys Howard – Rockstar Grandparent

A guide to grandparenting with purpose and fun – in the age of smart phones and social media.

Grandparenting may be different today, but it still can be meaningful and fun for both the kids and the adults. Today’s grandparent needs to understand technology – how it mesmerizes grandchildren but also enhances the opportunities to connect and share life experiences. And while many of the roles grandparents play in the lives of grandchildren have changed, their most important role of influencing with wisdom, faith, and fun remains the same.

The author addresses topics relevant to all grandparents and also looks at the challenges of grandchildren living in single parent or blended families. Also included are stories from the author’s journey with her own grandchildren – includingDuck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson.

Author: Chrys Howard
Narrator: Chrys Howard
Duration: 6 hours 18 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2003
Language: English

User Review:

miscellany rolling

Concise, timeless truths for the often messy world of parenting. Its a good blend of personal stories (stories Im sure that many adoptive parents can relate to) and practical advice.