Cindy Trimm – Hello, Tomorrow!

Vision calls you out from your past to participate in your future.

Building on the teaching in her best-selling bookCommanding Your Morning, Cindy Trimm tells listeners how to craft a brighter tomorrow by using spoken declarations to activate Gods power in their lives.

Based upon the biblical principle that everything God has decreed is available to all, this book arms the believer with the kingdom principles that will empower them to use Gods power and authority to enforce, establish, and institute Gods will for their future, and dominate the enemy. ThroughHello, Tomorrow! listeners will discover how to build a bridge to their future, put themselves where they see themselves, write their own history, and dare to do something great.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Empowers listeners to apply Gods word to access his best for their future and reveals daily disciplines to activate Gods power in their lives.

Author: Cindy Trimm
Narrator: Cindy Trimm
Duration: 6 hours 20 minutes
Released: 18 Apr 2009
Language: English

User Review:

latitude two-year-old

Hello Tommorow gave me new insights to having a vision. My vision is my eternity.