Claude Hopkins – Scientific Advertising

This is a complete and unabridged audiobook from the original 1923 publication of Claude Hopkins’ classic book on advertising, Scientific Advertising. This short listen is recommended by David Ogilvy, Jay Abraham, and many other masters of marketing. It contains many principles that are common in Internet marketing today, such as the idea of testing and measuring ad effectiveness, writing to one person, understanding and using psychology, etc.
Author: Claude Hopkins
Narrator: Ty Carthage
Duration: 2 hours 19 minutes
Released: 15 Oct 2009
Publisher: Tribd Audiobooks
Language: English

User Review:

walkout happy

While the lessons written about in this classic advertising book are worth hearing, the methods and emphasis are simply too dated to be a mandatory read for any advertising professional.

Also the performance of the reader is not only drab but almost unprofessional. There are stumbles and miscues throughout.

Find the lessons within this book on google and don’t waste your time nor money on this audible book.