Colin Willis – Smart Drugs: The Truth About Nootropics

You’re about to discover the crucial information regarding nootropics. It can be overwhelming if you are trying to find honest, factual information because of all the random opinions out there on the Internet. You also have to be careful about the misinformation that is coming from online sources, especially those with financial incentives.

This book serves to as an unbiased guide so you can understand all of the important information before you invest money or time into trying various smart drugs. This book goes into the origins and history of nootropics, how they work, the various types of smart drugs, and the positive and negative effects of consuming them as well as the legality and dangers involved. By investing in this book, you can get a grasp of the topic so you can make a solid decision about what you put into your body or even help other people in your life.

Author: Colin Willis
Narrator: Kelly Rhodes
Duration: 41 minutes
Released: 15 Feb 2011
Publisher: Colin Willis
Language: English

User Review:

marmalade attacking

have to listen to it a couple times to grasp it. great information, quick listen, could use a better narrator though.