Colonel David Hunt, R. J. Pineiro – Without Fear

Col. David Hunt and R. J. Pineiro have teamed up for another action-packed audiobook thriller steeped in authenticity: Without Fear.

Southern Afghanistan, 2005. NATO forces are battling the Taliban across Kandahar Province. In a terrifying twist, the rebels unearth a tactical nuclear bomb lost in the final days of the Soviet occupation. The years buried in the sand have damaged it, so the Taliban seeks the help of al Qaeda to secure replacement parts through its contacts in Saudi Arabia, the Opium Cartel, and the Russian Mafia. Doing so, however, inadvertently alerts the Americans, the Russians, and the Israelis.

Hunter Stark and his team of CIA contractors are on the chase, dispensing explosive waves of violence to track where the Taliban is hiding the weapon. But Russian Spetsnaz and Israeli Mossad operatives are also in the region following their own agendas – as is NATO – triggering chaos and confusion.

The stakes skyrocket when a courier delivers the components and the weapon becomes functional, forcing Stark to drive full throttle, without fear, into a world of terror, going beyond duty and honor to prevent the unthinkable.

Author: Colonel David Hunt, R. J. Pineiro
Narrator: P. J. Ochlan
Duration: 19 hours 21 minutes
Released: 18 Jul 2008
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Language: English

User Review:

filmmaker resident

… If you follow my advise you will get far more enjoyment out of each novel. Since this is a PREQUEL you already know how much of it ends thanks to Book 1. Secondly, the background information contained in this prequel will make the chronological sequel (Book 1, “WITHOUT MERCY”, in this case) much more entertaining. Either way, both novels rate 5 stars, in spite of Monica’s RIDICULOUS CLAIM OF 1 INCH GROUPS AT 2500 YARDS… Seriously guys, you should know better!!!