Craig Alanson – Armageddon

After the Renegade mission by the crew of the starship Flying Dutchman, the UN Expeditionary Force thought Earth was safe for hundreds of years, at least.

After there was trouble on the home front, and the president had to authorize a nuclear strike on an American city, UNEF decided they did need the Merry Band of Pirates again.

So, the Flying Dutchman is sent out on a simple recon mission. But for the pirates, nothing is ever simple, and their mission will become Armageddon.

Author: Craig Alanson
Narrator: R. C. Bray
Duration: 17 hours 50 minutes
Released: 19 May 2011
Publisher: Podium Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

bushel anti-American

While I always enjoy Skippy and the gang, until the last hour of the book it felt like lazy writing… very repetitive. Sorry Craig – I really love this series and the majority of your work but it’s true. Bring on the elders already.