Craig Hemmens, Jeffery T Walker – Legal Guide for Police

Legal Guide for Police: Constitutional Issues, 11th Edition, is a valuable tool for criminal justice students and law enforcement professionals, bringing them up to date with developments in the law of arrest, search and seizure, police authority to detain, questioning suspects and pretrial identification procedures, police power and its limitations, and civil liability of police officers and agencies.

Including specific case examples, this revised edition provides the most current information for students and law enforcement professionals needing to develop an up-to-date understanding of the law.

The authors have included introductory and summary chapters to aid listeners in understanding the context, importance and applicability of the case law. A new chapter covers warrantless searches involving cell phones and other technology as well as vehicles.

Author: Craig Hemmens, Jeffery T Walker
Narrator: John Chancer
Duration: 12 hours 56 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2012
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Distribution
Language: English

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