Cristela Alonzo – Music to My Years

In this memoir full of humor and heart, comedian, writer, and producer Cristela Alonzo shares personal stories of growing up as a first-generation Mexican American in Texas and following her dreams to pursue a career in comedy.

When Cristela Alonzo and her family lived as squatters in an abandoned diner, they only had two luxuries: a television and a radio, which became her pop cultural touchstone and a guiding light.

Cristela shares her experiences and struggles of being a first-generation American, her dreams of becoming a comedian, and how it feels to be a creator in a world that often minimizes people of color and women. Her stories range from the ridiculous – like the time she made her own tap shoes out of bottle caps or how the theme song of The Golden Girls landed her in the principals office – to the sobering moments, like how she turned to stand-up comedy to grieve the heartbreaking loss of her mother, and how, years later, shes committed to giving back to the community that helped make her.

Each significant moment of the audiobook relates to a song, and the resulting playlist is deeply moving, resonant, and unforgettable. Music to My Years will make you laugh, cry, and even inspire you to make a playlist of your own.

Author: Cristela Alonzo
Narrator: Cristela Alonzo
Duration: 9 hours 47 minutes
Released: 19 Aug 2010
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Language: English

User Review:

quota flushed

The author is each of these-inspiring, insightful, and she has integrity. I love her honesty even when she contradicts herself, as we all do. I love her way of dealing w her bully as a child. That she cant be bought bc shes not afraid of severe poverty bc shes already survived it. Great listen!