Cyril Robinson – A History of England, Volume 2: The Tudors and the Stuarts: 1485 – 1688

Cyril Robinson’s magnificent history continues with volume two in this four-part series. We now follow the fortunes of two great royal dynasties: Tudor and Stuart. Great names from England’s past tumble out one after the other. Henry VIII takes the English out of the Catholic fold. His daughter, Elizabeth, defeats the Spanish Armada of 1588. The arrogance of Charles I leads him to the scaffold. Civil War and Puritanism follow, led by the intrepid Oliver Cromwell. Charles II returns triumphantly in 1661 and leads England into the Restoration period. But the feckless James II manages to get himself chased out of England. The volume ends with the accession of William of Orange and the resurgence of Protestant representative government. Democracy finally gains a permanent foothold in England.
Author: Cyril Robinson
Narrator: Charlton Griffin
Duration: 9 hours 59 minutes
Released: 15 Feb 2010
Publisher: Audio Connoisseur
Language: English

User Review:

charger shoddy

Fascinated by the story of the Tudors and the Stuarts and the English accent of this book. Amazed at how the history of England revolves around the Protestant struggle that sprung out of Anna Boleyns church. How lucky were the English. We would all be speaking Spanish today had the Spanish Armada sailed in better weather.