D. M. Pulley – No One’s Home

For fans of The Haunting of Hill House comes a dark tale of a mansion haunted by a legacy of tragedy and a family trapped by lies.

Margot and Myron Spielman move to a new town, looking for a fresh start and an escape from the long shadow of their past. But soon after they buy Rawlingswood, a foreclosed mansion rumored to be haunted, they realize theyre in for more of the sameor worse.

After a renovation fraught with injuries and setbacks, the Spielmans move in to the century-old house, and their problems quickly escalate. The homes beautiful facade begins to crumble around them when their teenage son uncovers disturbing details of Rawlingswoods history – a history of murder, betrayal, and financial ruin. The Spielmans own shameful secrets and lies become harder to hide as someone or something inside the house watches their every move.

As tensions build between the family members, the homes dark history threatens to repeat itself. Margot and Myron must confront their own ghosts and Rawlingswoods buried past before the house becomes their undoing.

Author: D. M. Pulley
Narrator: Emily Sutton-Smith
Duration: 12 hours 8 minutes
Released: 19 Jan 2009
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Language: English

User Review:

accordion developing

This story really gave me the creeps a few times, even making me turn it off a few times so I could sleep, but once the twist was revealed I really started losing interest. I was expecting spooks all the way to the end but it really came up lackluster. I also would have liked all the different families stories to have been a bit more tidied at the end but overall it was with me banking a credit on it.