Dakota Cassidy – House of the Rising Nun

Trixie Lavender here, ex-nun on the run with her demon friends Coop and Livingston the talking owl in tow!

Things have been going really well for us at our tattoo shop in Cobbler Cove, a district in the heart of Portland, Oregon. We’re making friends with our fellow shop owners, enjoying serving our community, and really getting to know our new friends, Higgs, Knuckles, and Goose.

When we’re invited to a Halloween party at the Peach Street Shelter, how can we resist spending some time with our favorite ex-undercover-police-officer-turned-shelter-owner Higgs, on a day that involves candy and costumes?

Unfortunately, the day also involves a murder, a spooky urban myth spreading like wildfire among the homeless population about an organ-stealing-madman, and of course, my testy and unpredictable demonic possession….

Join me, Coop, Higgs, and the rest of the gang as we relentlessly hunt for answers to the murder of a local dentist and the legend of “The Organ Grinder”.

Author: Dakota Cassidy
Narrator: Hollie Jackson
Duration: 5 hours 14 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2003
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

tilt glassy

OMD ( oh my demon)! This one gave me shivers. I almost cried, I seriously laughed and I am in total love with Jeff and Livingston! Thank you so so much