Damien Lewis – The Nazi Hunters

The gripping “untold story” (Daily Mail) of the Secret Hunters, deep-cover British special forces who pursued Nazi fugitives from justice after World War II.

In the late summer of 1944, 80 British Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers undertook a covert commando raid, parachuting behind enemy lines into the Vosges Mountains in occupied France to sabotage Nazi-held roads, railways, and ammo dumps, and assassinate high-ranking German officers, undermining the final stand of Hitler’s Third Reich. Despite their successes, more than half the men were captured, tortured, and executed.

Although the SAS was officially dissolved when the war ended, a top-secret black ops unit was formed, under Churchill’s personal command, to hunt down the SS commanders who had murdered their special forces comrades, as well as war criminals from concentration camps who had eluded the Nuremberg trials. Under the cover of full deniability, The Secret Hunters waged a covert war of justice and retribution – uncovering the full horror of Hitler’s regime as well as dark secrets of Stalin’s Russia and the growing threat of what would become the Cold War.

Author: Damien Lewis
Narrator: Chris MacDonnell
Duration: 12 hours 51 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2009
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

ovum flowing

I knew some of this but it was interesting to hear the full story. The sacrifices people make for the good and the shocking crimes sociopaths will make and think it is alright. Even more scary is fact how many war criminals where assisted in escaping justice