Dan Jones – The Plantagenets: The Kings Who Made England

This brilliant new audiobook explores the lives of eight generations of the greatest kings and queens that this country has ever seen, and the worst. The Plantagenets – their story is the story of Britain.

Englands greatest royal dynasty, the Plantagenets, ruled over England through eight generations of kings. Their remarkable reign saw England emerge from the Dark Ages to become a highly organised kingdom that spanned a vast expanse of Europe. Plantagenet rule saw the establishment of laws and creation of artworks, monuments and tombs which survive to this day, and continue to speak of their sophistication, brutality and secrets.

Dan Jones brings you a new vision of this battle-scarred history. From the Crusades to King Johns humbling over Magna Carta and the tragic reign of the last Plantagenet, Richard II, this is a blow-by-blow account of Englands most thrilling age.

Author: Dan Jones
Narrator: Dan Jones
Duration: 22 hours 7 minutes
Released: 19 Sep 2005
Publisher: William Collins
Language: English

User Review:

bleach hellish

A great listen on my favorite English monarch dynasty! Great job Dan Jones! Thank you!!!