Daniel Alef – Fred and Augie Duesenberg Made America’s Greatest Car

Here’s a biographical profile of the Duesenberg brothers, Augie and Fred, who built some of America’s most famous cars, cars that today sell for millions at auctions. Jay Leno, owner of an extensive classic car collection, calls the Duesenberg SJ his favorite car. He feels it is “probably the greatest American car” ever built.

The Duesenberg name evokes images of a European heritage, an automobile built in the image and traditions of iconic stalwarts such as Mercedes, Benz, Bugatti and Ferrari. But the European heritage is an illusion. Their cars were born in Iowa! Duesenbergs were sought by royalty movie stars, and industrial tycoons, from Gary Cooper and Clark Gable to W.R. Hearst, the Duke of Windsor and William Wrigley, Jr. The story of the boys from Iowa and their meteoric rise to creating the greatest American car is a fascinating adventure in the American dream.

Author: Daniel Alef
Narrator: Baron Ron Herron
Duration: 13 minutes
Released: 9 Apr 2002
Publisher: Meta4 Press
Language: English

User Review:

smash all-powerful

– Very awkward narrator (may be due to the old age of the recording).
– Very unusual in sentence and paragraph structure.
– Runs at about 50:50 random world history at the time to actual information about Ford
– Information about Ford is not well organized, very loose and starts late in his life
– It skips around in years

This is the first time I have wanted to return an audible book. Please, please avoid this title.