Daniel Blythe – Doctor Who: Autonomy

Hyperville is 2013’s top hi-tech, 24-hour entertainment complex – a sprawling palace of fun under one massive roof. You can go shopping, or experience the excitement of Doomcastle, Winterland, or Wild West World. But things are about to get a lot more exciting – and dangerous! What unspeakable horror is lurking on Level Zero of Hyperville? And what will happen when the entire complex goes over to Central Computer Control?

Available exclusively for download, other unabridged readings in the range include: The Krillitane Storm and Autonomy.

Author: Daniel Blythe
Narrator: Georgia Moffett
Duration: 6 hours 6 minutes
Released: 10 Mar 2003
Publisher: BBC Worldwide Ltd
Language: English

User Review:

sharecropper amazed

Georgia Moffett-Tennant is a wonderful narrator! I had a giggle at the voice of the teenage girl, who sounded a wee bit like Lauren – I imagine hanging out with Catherine Tate will rub off on you a bit…
Enjoyed this story very much!!