Daniel Gordis – We Stand Divided

From National Jewish Book Award Winner and author ofIsrael, a bold reevaluation of the tensions between American and Israeli Jews that reimagines the past, present, and future of Jewish life.

Relations between the American Jewish community and Israel are at an all-time nadir. Since Israels founding 70 years ago, particularly as memory of the Holocaust and of Israels early vulnerability has receded, the divide has grown only wider. Most explanations pin the blame on Israels handling of its conflict with the Palestinians, Israels attitude toward non-Orthodox Judaism, and Israels dismissive attitude toward American Jews in general. In short, the cause for the rupture is not what Israel is; its what Israel does.

These explanations tell only half the story. We Stand Divided examines the history of the troubled relationship, showing that from the outset, the founders of what are now the worlds two largest Jewish communities were responding to different threats and opportunities, and had very different ideas of how to guarantee a Jewish future.

With an even hand, Daniel Gordis takes us beyond the headlines and explains how Israel and America have fundamentally different ideas about issues ranging from democracy and history to religion and identity. He argues that as a first step to healing the breach, the two communities must acknowledge and discuss their profound differences and moral commitments. Only then can they forge a path forward, together.

Author: Daniel Gordis
Narrator: Fred Sanders
Duration: 8 hours 6 minutes
Released: 19 Oct 2009
Publisher: HarperAudio
Language: English

User Review:

ba hunted

The very educated reader may find some unneeded apologetics, but the author lays out in elegant detail core issues that separate and differentiate the two remaining key Jewish population centers in the world.