Daniel Milstein – Street Smart Selling

In Street Smart Selling: How to Be a Sales Superstar, CEO and best-selling author Dan Milstein lays out a detailed set of guidelines that will be useful for ambitious salespeople, beginners, or established professionals who wish to become sales superstars. Milstein learned hard lessons working his way to the pinnacle of the sales profession. In his new book, he reaches out to help aspiring salespeople work their way up to join him at the top.

The advice in the book ranges from simple things, like how to make and use an effective daily to-do list, to how to develop a long-term career plan. He discusses things like the importance of getting referrals from satisfied customers, how to understand and best use social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, how to maintain lifelong customer relationships, how to make yourself stand out in a crowd, and even how to plan for the contingency of a career change.

There is even a section of specific suggestions for sales managers interested in building a stronger sales team, including establishing mentoring programs, recognizing and preventing burnout, and effective coaching.

Most of the book, however, is aimed at self-improvement for motivated individuals. Milstein credits his success to his own love for selling:

“The salespeople with the best attitudes are those who never lose their passion for sales. Passion helps you get through the ups and downs of sales. You can endure a career without passion, but you cannot be a long-term success unless you love what you do.

“Be sure you know why you want to become a sales superstar. You have to understand what pushes you, whether it is financial/compensation, ego gratification, company recognition, or something else. List your top two reasons now, and then look at them again after three months. What’s changed?”

Author: Daniel Milstein
Narrator: Mike Norgaard
Duration: 3 hours 16 minutes
Released: 15 Feb 2011
Publisher: Gold Star Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

wildcat consummate

There are books that are content driven, and books that are philosophy driven. This is definitely a content book. Overall I think it was a good book with great practical advice. If you are into marketing and making yourself a better sales person, then you will enjoy this book. I learned one great tool that I will implement to my marketing efforts and I know it will bring great fruits to my business.