Daniel Suarez – Freedom (TM)

The propulsive, shockingly plausible sequel to New York Times best seller Daemon.

In one of the most buzzed-about debuts, Daniel Suarez introduced a terrifying vision of a new world order, controlled by the Daemon, an insidious computer program unleashed by a hi-tech wunderkind. Daemon captured the attention of the tech community, became a New York Times and Indie best seller, and left listeners hungry for more. Well, more is here, and it’s even more gripping than its predecessor.

In the opening chapters of Freedom, the Daemon is firmly in control, using an expanded network of real-world, dispossessed darknet operatives to tear apart civilization and rebuild it anew. Soon civil war breaks out in the American Midwest, in a brutal wave of violence that becomes known as the Corn Rebellion. Former detective Pete Sebeck, now the Daemon’s most powerful – though reluctant – operative, must lead a small band of enlightened humans toward a populist movement designed to protect the new world order. But the private armies of global business are preparing to crush the Daemon once and for all.

In a world of conflicted loyalties, rapidly diminishing human power, and the possibility that anyone can be a spy, what’s at stake is nothing less than human freedom’s last hope to survive the technology revolution.

Author: Daniel Suarez
Narrator: Jeff Gurner
Duration: 11 hours 47 minutes
Released: 10 Aug 2001
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Language: English

User Review:

lob stiff

I am a computer geek….
I am a computer gamer…
I am probally the audience this was written for so, no suprise, I liked this story alot.
The character are well defined, you feel for them as they struggle and overcome the odds.

I recommend this to everyone I know as it is a great geek book.