Danielle Garrett – Betwixt: A Beechwood Harbor Collection

Don’t miss a single magic moment!

Betwixt is a collection of the in-between. Catch up with Holly and Scarlet in these stories of the mischief and mayhem they get themselves into while you wait for the next full-length novel.

Stories include:

“A Witch of a Day”

“Cats, Bats, and Talking Hats”

“Good Gravy! Thanksgiving at Beechwood Manor”

“Along Came a Ghost”

“The Ghost Hunter Who Saved Christmas”

“A Witch’s Best Friend”

“Undercover Wolf”

One town. Two leading ladies. More magic than you can shake a wand at. Welcome back to Beechwood Harbor.

Author: Danielle Garrett
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi
Duration: 7 hours 37 minutes
Released: 19 May 2003
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

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A nice little collection of stories that play between the regular volumes of the series, a fun collection for fans who want little scenes of their favorite character and everyday life moments with small pockets of backstory details. I don’t think you are missing a ton of you don’t listen to these the series are easy to follow and these shorts don’t have any massive game changers but it is fun flavor for fans.

~A Witch of the Day~
This is said to be the prequel to Murders a Witch. I have never listened to the main stories so got this to dive in. This first short story is a lightening fast set up for what I assume in the home of the Beechwood Harbor Mystery series. The story starts with cringeworthy decision making from Holly Boldt our main character and spell maker. There is always some eye rolling when people in story clearly make decisions that are thinly veiled constructions to get to an outcome, it felt forced, but it was over quickly and ended stronger than it started. The set up of Holly going to live in a halfway house for displaced supernaturals was extremely intriguing and we are introduced to Posey the ghost and head of house, Adam the shifter and flirt, and Lacey the snooty vamp. Although a stilted beginning I was excited by the end for what was to come.

~Cats, Bats, and Talking Hats~
This is a story about Hollys first Halloween at the halfway house. I have not yet listened to the rest of the Beechwood Harbor Mystery series but this was a fun story with great pacing, intrigue, and character development. We even have some thrown in connections to Anastasia (Garretts character in the Touch of Magic Mystery Series) and Hollys friend. The humor was fun in this and the interactions with characters who live in the house and are there for Laceys vampy party were well done and fun to listen to. Everything is happily wrapped up by the end and we learn a little more about dynamics between supernaturals, humans, and SPA (Supernatural Protection Agency).

~Good Gravy! Thanksgiving at Beechwood Manor~
This story takes place between Twice the Witch and Witch Slapped. This was fine but not much of a story its about a 30 minute listen and as I listen at 1.5x even shorter, this really is just more of a scene of the regular characters gathering for Thanksgiving meal. Enjoyable but too brief to really add anything. If you didnt listen you wouldnt have missed anything.

~Along Came a Ghost~
This story takes place between Witch Way Home and Lucky Witch, as well as the prequel to Garretts other series Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries, whose first volume is named The Ghost Hunter Next Door (I highly recommend this series). This was an amazing short giving us more background on Posey the ghost who is in both series as well as Scarlet who is the heroine of Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries. The story was short, quick, exciting, and fun to see the crossover of the two main female (red headed protagonists). I realized both women are impulsive and often take crazy risks but where at times I was annoyed with Holly because her risks are often meddling that causes her nearest and dearest problems without a consideration for consequence, Scarlet is taking crazy risks for devotion to helping others and usually risks just herself. Interesting to have to two females in the same story for direct comparison. A great short story in both series.

~The Ghost Hunter Who Saved Christmas~
This story is a side novella where Holly and Scarlet team up together and it is not clear where in the chronology this story takes place. Scarlet is the narrator for this story. This is less mystery more conflict resolution with Holly and Scarlet as a dynamic duo dealing with a Christmas time nuisance. The story was fast and fun and enjoyable to see these two female protagonists working together. It actually made we wish we could see a full novel of the two working side by side this closely.

~A Witchs Best Friend~
This story takes place well before any of the series begin and happens in Hollys final week of Witch Academy. It is also the story of how Holly met her familiar Boots who is a staple of every story in the series. Again just a brief scene and showcases Hollys very impulsive tendency we dont even know what consequences occurred to Holly or her friend but we do get a glimpse of people of authority feeling sympathetic to Holly despite her poor choices. We also see just the glimmer of a beginning of Holly and Boots. This was not my favorite as nothing was really developed just barely introduced. Not bad but lackluster after the prior story that was a little more fun and engaging.

~Undercover Wolf~
This story comes AFTER book 5 Lucky Witch in the series and contains major spoilers so make sure you read/listen to that volume first. This story is from the perspective of Nick which was quite an interesting change of pace. The story was light and fun and provided a little more time with Nick. There is the continued awkward tension playing out between he and Holly but overall a fun short that gives a new view from a regular town member. I would be interested to see other short stories from the perspective other members, especially one of the local ghosts.