Danielle Garrett – Ghosts Gone Wild

There’s never a good time for a ghost crisis. However, it’s particularly inconvenient while I’m trying to tackle my first wedding season. Between 12-hour days, an assistant with a case of butterfingers (not the chocolate kind), and the flood of tourists in town, I’m struggling to keep a grip on my sanity.

All I want is three months of peace from the spirit world. But when local ghosts start going missing, I have to do something. After all, it’s not like they go to the Hamptons.

Missing ghosts, a posthumously alimony-hungry divorcee, and a raging bridezilla. Yup, my bingo card is officially full. Can I get a prize and go home now?

Author: Danielle Garrett
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi
Duration: 5 hours 58 minutes
Released: 19 Sep 2004
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

nobility stained

Another funny mystery from Danielle Garrett with great narration by Amanda Ronconi! I found I was looking forward to the ghostly characters and their antics along with the main character. Story was well developed and keep me wanting more.