Darren Marks – Lose Weight Now

Everybody has their own reasons for wishing to lose weight. Yet, regardless of your motivation there are a number of psychological challenges you will probably face. These include fear of being seen by others, a lack of motivation, impatience and fatigue.

The people who will lose weight now and keep it off will do so because of a new found self confidence, self control and self sufficiency. This recording is designed to help you control your mind and stay focused on your goal.

So make sure you have a goal, ensure that it is safe, healthy and realistic. Encourage yourself without giving yourself a hard time. Be flexible and recognize that there will be times like festivities when you may eat more, but that’s ok as long as you eat and exercise in a balanced healthy way most of the time. Allow yourself to eat what you like but in moderation, diets involving denial of certain foods often lead to overindulgence later on.

Its’ also worth noting that although this programme is designed to help you install healthier eating habits. It is a very effective stand alone recording and like all the recordings on this website utilise the same techniques that Darren uses in his live practise. However, some people eat in order to comfort themselves and to suppress negative emotions or uncomfortable feelings. If this is the case for you I would recommend you use this recording in conjunction with some of our other programmes like ” Release Anger”, ” Let Go of Sadness” ” Let Go of Fear”, ” Let Go of Hurt”, ” Let Go of Guilt”, ” Release Limiting Beliefs & Decisions” and ” Super Charge Your Self Esteem & Self Confidence”, which will help you address these issues too.

In addition to this recording being written and delivered by Darren Marks one of the UKs leading hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners, it also utilizes dual delivery hypnotherapy (DDH) and brainwave entrainment. DDH involves different suggestions or metaphors being delivered separately yet simultaneously …

Author: Darren Marks
Narrator: Darren Marks
Duration: 25 minutes
Released: 9 Feb 2003
Publisher: Hypnotherapists Direct Ltd
Language: English

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