David Alastair Hayden – Shadow Agents

Siv and the others may have escaped Ekaran IV on the Outworld Ranger, but now theyre on the run with two governments, several criminal organizations, and a host of bounty hunters in pursuit.

If they want to protect Oona, the young hyperphasic messiah, they need allies, resources, and information. The girls father, Ambassador Vim, could provide those things. The problem: hes missing.

He was last seen on a planet named Titus II. And all the groups hunting them know it. Going after him means walking into multiple ambushes. The risk may not be worth the reward. Especially once they realize the most feared bounty hunter in the universe, Vega Kaleeb, is after them.

And Kaleeb is even more dangerous than they realize. His ultimate goal is far more sinister than that of the governments and criminal organizations paying him to capture the hyperphasic messiah.

Author: David Alastair Hayden
Narrator: Peter Kenny
Duration: 10 hours 2 minutes
Released: 19 Nov 2006
Publisher: Podium Publishing
Language: English

User Review:

cologne unparalleled

The first book was OK
It had some plot holes but not so many the story became stupid or anything like that

This story wasnt bad I just got bored with it

The AI is really the main character in the story
and its Constant prattling drives me crazy

Its become such a trope in these kinds of stories for the AI to be an obnoxious ass and for me it just takes Away from the story after about three chapters worth of wisecracks