David Baldacci – The Collectors

The US Speaker of the House is assassinated in a terrifyingly precise execution in the heart of Washington, DC. In a quieter corner of the nation’s capital, the rare book room of the Library of Congress, a reclusive, wealthy scholar drops dead under mysterious circumstances that leave no clues. Following on the heels of the natural death of the Speaker of the House, the city and the nation begin to tremble. In California, a beautiful but capable woman is planning and executing one of the most brilliant cons on record.

All the while, “Oliver Stone” and his quirky Camel Club stand by and observe as the genius of their collective perspective begins to connect the dots between these seemingly disparate events – and they realize they must act, and act quickly, before their country falls victim to a silent yet bloody coup.

Author: David Baldacci
Narrator: LJ Ganser, Aimee Jolson, Richard Mover
Duration: 12 hours 42 minutes
Released: 6 Sep 2010
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Language: English

User Review:

determinism misguided

This is hands-down the most poorly-narrated book I’ve listened to. I have never understood some publishers’ desire to turn a book reading into a 21st century “Amateur Radio Hour”. One person narrates while 2 others perform the voices. If the disjointed feel of having both the voice and inflection change mid-sentence isn’t bad enough, I have to say that the “voice actors” are about the same caliber as your average adult movie – in other words their talent does NOT carry the story. It’s difficult to follow the plot at times because of how hard this book is to listen to.