David Bohm – Essential Reality

Stripping away the known and seeing reality for what it is, rather than for what our thoughts represent it to be, provides the theme for this compelling conversation.

The late theoretical physicist David Bohm addresses the nature of thought and thinking, and how our conditioned minds become subordinate to the way we think. He says the thinking process “is a representation of what is, but is not what is,” and goes on to challenge our perception of time and space as illusory.

From mindless thought to experiencing each moment as eternity, Bohm takes us on a whirlwind tour of consciousness.

Author: David Bohm
Narrator: Michael Toms
Duration: 57 minutes
Released: 8 Jan 2001
Publisher: New Dimensions Foundation
Language: English

User Review:

celebration slight

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every David Bohm interview on New Dimensions. He may be one of the most brilliant and open minded thinkers of the 20th century.