David Robson – The Intelligence Trap

An eye-opening examination of the stupid things smart people do – and how to cultivate skills to protect ourselves from error.

“As a rule, I have found that the greater brain a man has, and the better he is educated, the easier it has been to mystify him” (Harry Houdini to Arthur Conan Doyle).

Smart people are not only just as prone to making mistakes as everyone else – they may be even more susceptible to them. This is the “intelligence trap”, the subject of David Robson’s fascinating and provocative book.

The Intelligence Trap explores cutting-edge ideas in our understanding of intelligence and expertise, including “strategic ignorance”, “meta-forgetfulness”, and “functional stupidity.” Robson reveals the surprising ways that even the brightest minds and most talented organizations can go wrong – from some of Thomas Edison’s worst ideas to failures at NASA, Nokia, and the FBI. And he offers practical advice to avoid mistakes based on the timeless lessons of Benjamin Franklin, Richard Feynman, and Daniel Kahneman.

Author: David Robson
Narrator: Simon Slater
Duration: 10 hours 19 minutes
Released: 19 Jun 2008
Publisher: Recorded Books
Language: English

User Review:

fairway whirling

This book is a good eye opener to remind us about how we get comfortable and make mistakes. Also how crazy some of the best scientists thought outside their field of expertise. I think this is a great book for ceo’s and team members in leadership.