David S. Brody – Powdered Gold: Templars and the American Ark of the Covenant

Cameron Thorne and his fiancee Amanda Spencer don’t for a second believe the Ark of the Covenant is hidden in a cave in the Arizona desert. But when a militant survivalist leads them to a radioactive replica of the Ark, filled with a mysterious white powder, they begin to wonder if legends of Templar Knights visiting the American Southwest on a secret mission might be true. What is this strange white powder? And is it the key to understanding the true power of both Moses and the sacred Ark of the Covenant?
Author: David S. Brody
Narrator: Ryan Burke
Duration: 9 hours 40 minutes
Released: 19 Jul 2005
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

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Putting so many truths into knowledge. The adventures are endless. Hidden meaning and awaken your seek.