David Teems – Tyndale

A beautiful literary tribute to William Tyndale, the poet-martyr-expatriate-outlaw-translator who gave us our English Bible

The English Bible was born in defiance, in exile, in flight, and in a form of exodus, the very elements that empowered William Tyndale to bring the English scripture to the common citizen. Being a stranger in a strange land, the very homesickness he struggled with gave life to the words of Jesus, Paul, and to the wandering Moses. Tyndales efforts ultimately cost him his life, but his contribution to English spirituality is measureless.

Even five centuries after his death at the stake, Tyndales presence looms wherever English is spoken. His single-word innovations, such as Passover, beautiful, and atonement, allowed the common man to more fully understand Gods blessings and promises. His natural lyricism shines in phrases like Let not your hearts be troubled, and for Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory. Every time we say the Lords Prayer as it is written in the King James Bible, use the word love as it is written in 1 Corinthians 13, or bless others with The Lord bless thee and keep thee, the Lord make his face to shine upon thee, we are reminded of the rich bounty Tyndale has given us.

Although Tyndale has been somewhat elusive to his biographers, Teems brings wit and wisdom to the story of the man known as the architect of the English language, the English Paul who defied a kingdom and a tyrannical church to introduce God to the plowboy.

Author: David Teems
Narrator: Simon Vance
Duration: 9 hours 47 minutes
Released: 12 Nov 2001
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Language: English

User Review:

stoppage motionless

William Tyndale received little credit over the centuries for his commitment to the common person, the plough boy as he called us. This book tells how this man committed his life to morals and principles and finally sacrificed his life, rather than denounce his work. Well worth your time.