David W. Anthony – The Horse, the Wheel, and Language

Roughly half the world’s population speaks languages derived from a shared linguistic source known as Proto-Indo-European. But who were the early speakers of this ancient mother tongue, and how did they manage to spread it around the globe?

Until now, their identity has remained a tantalizing mystery to linguists, archaeologists, and even Nazis seeking the roots of the Aryan race. The Horse, the Wheel, and Language lifts the veil that has long shrouded these original Indo-European speakers and reveals how their domestication of horses and use of the wheel spread language and transformed civilization.

Linking prehistoric archaeological remains with the development of language, David W. Anthony identifies the prehistoric peoples of Central Eurasia’s steppe grasslands as the original speakers of Proto-Indo-European and shows how their innovative use of the ox wagon, horseback riding, and the warrior’s chariot turned the Eurasian steppes into a thriving transcontinental corridor of communication, commerce, and cultural exchange.

He explains how they spread their traditions and gave rise to important advances in copper mining, warfare, and patron-client political institutions, thereby ushering in an era of vibrant social change. Anthony also describes his fascinating discovery of how the wear from bits on ancient horse teeth reveals the origins of horseback riding.

The Horse, the Wheel, and Language solves a puzzle that has vexed scholars for two centuries – the source of the Indo-European languages and English – and recovers a magnificent and influential civilization from the past.

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Author: David W. Anthony
Narrator: Tom Perkins
Duration: 18 hours 25 minutes
Released: 18 Nov 2009
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

trawler innermost

I have had this book at home for several years and did not finish reading it because it is hard to find the time to sit and read. Audiobooks provide a wonderful alternative and I was able to listen/read this excellent book in just a few days.

Please, audible, record more academic books like this one. It makes all the difference to people who want to read serious, non-fiction, archaeology, linguistics, science-related books written by scholars. Unfortunately books of this caliber dealing with a more unique subject are relatively rare here. I usually have to wade through the standard popular subjects and the books written about ancient aliens. For those who find David W. Anthony’s writing to be too academic, that is the point. He is presenting academic research. I can’t imagine why someone would purchase the book if they wanted a cursory overview of the subject. There is plenty of light weight and popular history on this site from which to choose. Although I did not need the pdf because I already own the book, it covered all the technical information described in the pages dealing with charts.

This subject is all the more fascinating in light of the genetic research that has been revealed since its publication. I recommend further researching his writings online as well as those of David Reich.