Deborah Santana, Carlos Santana – An Interview with Deborah and Carlos Santana

Jacob Bronstein, producer of the Space Between the Stars audiobooks, interviews Deborah and Carlos Santana. They discuss why writing was the best way for Deborah to tell her story, the reasons behind the success of their 30-year marriage, and how Carlos felt reading the book for the first time.
Author: Deborah Santana, Carlos Santana
Narrator: Jacob Bronstein
Duration: 3 minutes
Released: 5 Jun 2005
Publisher: Random House Audio
Language: English

User Review:

chatter worldly

Gain info on where Santana gets the emotions found in his music. If his music has past you by, then you need a listen, then you can appreciate her book and get an understanding of his music. His early stuff has already lasted a life time.