Denise Linn, Davina MacKail, Kerri Richardson – Declutter Your Life as Modern Alchemy

Take a deep dive with Declutter Your Life as Modern Alchemy with Denise Linn, Kerri Richardson, and Davina MacKail.

Begin today transforming not only your living space, but your life and relationships. Declutter Your Life as Modern Alchemy offers guided meditations and contemplations to understand your relationship with your physical and mental clutter. You will also be given the tools and practical steps in a spiritual journey of clutter clearing. Finally, Denise, Kerri, and Davina will give their expert advice, as well as inspiration and encouragement, for when the going gets tough. Take your clutter clearing to the next level with Declutter Your Life as Modern Alchemy.

Track listings: Track 1 Introduction

Track 2 Modern-Day Alchemy Denise Linn

Track 3 The Journey Begins Meditation Denise Linn

Track 4 Preparing to Clear Clutter Denise Linn

Track 5 What Do You Want to Feel? Denise Linn

Track 6 Understanding What Home Means to You Denise Linn

Track 7 What Is Clutter? Denise Linn

Track 8 Get Rid of It! Denise Linn

Track 9 Clearing Clutter Denise Linn

Track 10 The Power of Space Clearing Denise Linn

Track 11 A Journey Within Meditation Denise Linn

Track 12 What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You Kerri Richardson

Track 13 If You Want to Create Change, Leave Your “Yeah, But….” At the Door Kerri Richardson

Track 14 Do You Use Procrastination as Protection Kerri Richardson

Track 15 How to Get Good at Getting Started Kerri Richardson

Track 16 How to Finally Let Go of Sentimental Items Kerri Richardson

Track 17 It’s Time for a Relationship Tune-Up with Your Friends, Family, and Partner Kerri Richardson

Track 18 What Is Feng Shui? Davina MacKail

Track 19 A Meditation for Connecting with Your Home Davina MacKail

Track 20 The Psychology of Clutter Davina MacKail

Track 21 Clutter Meditation Davina MacKail

Track 22 Clues for Identifying Clutter Davina MacKail

Track 23 Clutter Organizational Strategies Davina MacKail

Track 24 Tips for Disposing of Clutter Davina MacKail

Track 25 Space Clearing Davina MacKail

Track 26 Drastic Measures and Next Steps Davina MacKail

Author: Denise Linn, Davina MacKail, Kerri Richardson
Narrator: Denise Linn, Davina MacKail, Kerri Richardson
Duration: 8 hours 54 minutes
Released: 19 Apr 2006
Publisher: Hay House
Language: English

User Review:

itch cynical

It was very meaningful and got me motivated. Got halfway through the garage and getting rid of this things that no longer serve a purpose. Thinking, wish I had done this years ago!