Diane Rehm, John Grisham – foreword – When My Time Comes

From Diane Rehm, renowned radio host – one of the most trusted voices in the nation – and best-selling author: an audiobook of candor and compassion, addressing the urgent, hotly contested cause of the Right-to-Die movement, of which she is one of our most inspiring champions.

Soon to be a public television documentary of the same name, featuring the author.

Through interviews with terminally ill patients, and with physicians, ethicists, spouses, relatives, and representatives of those who vigorously oppose the movement, Rehm gives voice to a broad range of people who are personally linked to the realities of medical aid in dying. The audiobook presents the fervent arguments – both for and against – that are propelling the current debates across the nation about whether to adopt laws allowing those who are dying to put an end to their suffering. With characteristic even-handedness, Rehm skillfully shows both sides of the argument, providing the full context for this highly divisive issue.

With a highly personal foreword by John Grisham, When My Time Comes is a response to many misconceptions and misrepresentations of end-of-life care; it is a call to action – and to conscience – and it is an attempt to heal and soothe our hearts, reminding us that death, too, is an integral part of life.

Author: Diane Rehm, John Grisham – foreword
Narrator: Diane Rehm, Susan Bennett, Dan Bittner, Jim Frangione, Kevin R. Free, Neil Hellegers, Sarah Mollo-Christensen, Maggi-Meg Reed, Suzanne Toren, Benjamin Zide
Duration: 7 hours 38 minutes
Released: 20 Apr 2002
Publisher: Random House Audio
Language: English

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eviction blasted

This is the second book from Mr. Ambrose that I have read and it was as good as the first. I read Band of Brothers after watching the HBO mini-series and enjoyed it. Citizen Soldiers is another excellent read. It covers everything in the ETO from Normandy to Berlin. You’ll learn things about the major players that you may not have known. I was drawn in from the start and it kept me interested to the end. It is heartbreaking to know how many men’s lives were wasted through poor planning and execution of orders that were unnecessary. And how one generals decision cost the men countless unnecessary cases of frostbite and trench foot through lack of proper equipment. If you enjoyed Band of Brothers you will also enjoy Citizen Soldiers. I just purchased Wild Blue by Mr. Ambrose and I expect it will be as good as this book.