DK – The Science Book

Exploring more than 80 of the world’s most scientific theories and big ideas across the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology, and math, this audiobook offers a fascinating look at the history of science.

Discover how Galileo worked out his scientific theories of motion and inertia, why Isaac Newton gets the credit for them, and what the discovery of DNA meant. All the big scientific ideas are brought to life with pithy quotes and step-by-step “mind maps” – from evolution and continental drift to black holes and genetic engineering, showing how the ideas of famous scientists have affected our understanding of the world. Whether you are a science student, a historian, or just have an interest in scientific ideas, The Science Book, narrated by Leughton Pugh, is a perfect way to explore this fascinating subject.

Author: DK
Narrator: Leighton Pugh
Duration: 15 hours 26 minutes
Released: 19 Jun 2012
Publisher: DK Audio
Language: English

User Review:

lure white-haired

I have always been amazed that Stephen Hawkings’ books have been so popular, as his subject is so difficult. There is no easy way to get to concepts like Yang Mills fields, multidimensional space-time, and quantum theories of gravitation. Hawkings is a brilliant and informal guide, but there is no way around that fact that the concepts of 20th century physics are very difficult (let alone 21st century physics). In part because these concepts are so familiar to Hawkings himself, he does not do a very good job of connecting them with things that might be more familiar. Or maybe it is more accurate to say that he does his best, but the concepts remain very complex and remote.

In general, this is an engaging book, but I was hanging on by my fingernails trying to keep up.