Don Lincoln, The Great Courses – The Theory of Everything: The Quest to Explain All Reality

At the end of his career, Albert Einstein was pursuing a dream far more ambitious than the theory of relativity. He was trying to find an equation that explained all physical reality – a theory of everything. He failed, but others have taken up the challenge in a remarkable quest that is shedding light on unsuspected secrets of the cosmos.

Experimental physicist and award-winning educator Dr. Don Lincoln of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory takes you on this exciting journey in The Theory of Everything: The Quest to Explain All Reality. Suitable for the intellectually curious at all levels and assuming no background beyond basic high-school math, these 24 half-hour lectures cover recent developments at the forefront of particle physics and cosmology, while delving into the history of the centuries-long search for this holy grail of science.

You trace the dream of a theory of everything through Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, Bohr, Schrdinger, Feynman, Gell-Mann, Weinberg, and other great physicists, charting their progress toward an all-embracing, unifying theory. Their resulting equations are the masterpieces of physics, which Dr. Lincoln explains in fascinating and accessible detail. Studying them is like touring a museum of great works of art – works that are progressing toward an ultimate, as-yet-unfinished masterpiece.

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Author: Don Lincoln, The Great Courses
Narrator: Don Lincoln
Duration: 12 hours 21 minutes
Released: 18 May 2012
Publisher: The Great Courses
Language: English

User Review:

doorbell evolutionary

As many other reviewers mention this is not designed to be just listened to. It is the soundtrack to a video with many complex concepts, equations and theories. It’s often super obtuse and impossible to follow without the video.