Donald Thomas – Sherlock Holmes and the King’s Evil:

In these five tales, Sherlock Holmes is shown at the height of his powers: he co-operates with a young Winston Churchill in the famed Siege of Sydney Street, helps defeat a plan for a German invasion outlined in the Zimmerman Telegram, establishes a link between two missing lighthouse keepers and the royal treasures of King John, contends with a supernatural curse places upon an eccentric aristocrat, and discovers a lost epic of Lord Byron. But it is all in a day’s work for the great detective, who continues to defy the odds and lives to fiddle and ratiocinate another day.
Author: Donald Thomas
Narrator: John Telfer
Duration: 9 hours 38 minutes
Released: 11 Oct 2008
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Language: English

User Review:

suction closed

Good performance overall. The story is the thing though- I just listened to all of the Conan Doyle Holmes stories and Mr Thomas rings true with these additional adventures. I definitely recommend.