Dr. Charles Margerison – Amazing Entrepreneurs

Were the people who developed successful businesses lucky, or did they have special talents? In Amazing Entrepreneurs, you can explore these questions through the lives of some of the world’s most inspirational people and perhaps be motivated to do likewise!

Helena Rubinstein was lucky to find a sponsor for her skin-care business, but it was her vision and tenacity that ensured her success. Ray Kroc’s entrepreneurial talents enabled him to grow McDonald’s from a local burger joint into an international phenomenon. The great life stories and achievements of characters including Thomas Edison, Madam C.J. Walker, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Beulah Henry, and William Boeing come alive in this unique audio collection.

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Author: Dr. Charles Margerison
Narrator: full cast
Duration: 54 minutes
Released: 19 Apr 2004
Publisher: Amazing People Worldwide
Language: English

User Review:

cartoonist median

narrator was bad, could not get thru the book, so I gave up. could not continue listening to it.