Dr. Joe Schwarcz – A Grain of Salt

A curated collection of new and updated Dr. Joe essays on food and nutrition

Of all the dietary and nutritional claims pitched to us, what can we believe? How does cinnamon affect your health? How splendid is Splenda? Should you buy farmed, wild, or canned food? What’s fishy about fish-oil supplements? Will a diet of Twinkies and M&M’s lead to weight loss? Water from a tap or from a plastic bottle – which should you choose, and which is better for the environment? Should you carry your groceries home in plastic or brown paper? We all have questions, and Dr. Joe Schwarcz has the answers, some of which will astonish you.

Guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for palatable and relevant scientific information, best-selling author Dr. Joe Schwarcz separates fact from fiction in this collection of new and updated articles about what to eat, what not to eat, and how to recognize the scientific basis of food chemistry.

Author: Dr. Joe Schwarcz
Narrator: Jonathan Yen
Duration: 11 hours 33 minutes
Released: 19 Aug 2010
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

fixing charming

I highly recommend this book. Whether you are new to nutrition or well-versed you will get something out of it.
The author does not start with a conclusion and then try to convince you of it. He gives a quick breakdown of the current status of the evidence and then explains reasonable takeaways.
THE REASON I loved this book was because in addition to the raw information we get a peek into the scientific rationale behind nutritional science and how to evaluate good lines of evidence along with dispelling pseudoscience and myth.

My only criticism is that the tone can come across as snarky at times, which can be off putting, ESPECIALLY if this is meant to help people who may hold some of the views the author hopes to clarify. I plan to recommend this book with only some hesitation due to the occasional off putting tone.