Dr. Michael Arnheim – U.S. Constitution for Dummies

Your complete guide to understanding the US Constitution.

Want to make sense of the US Constitution? This new edition walks you through this revered document, explaining how the articles and amendments came to be and how they have guided legislators, judges, and presidents – and sparked ongoing debates along the way. You’ll get the lowdown on all the big issues – from separation of church and state to impeachment to civil rights – that continue to affect Americans’ daily lives. Plus, you’ll find out about US Constitution concepts and their origins, the different approaches to interpretation, and how the document has changed over the past 200+ years.

In this book, you’ll find fresh examples of Supreme Court rulings such as same-sex marriage and healthcare acts such as Obamacare. Explore hot topics like what it takes to be elected Commander in Chief, the functions of the House and Senate, how Supreme Court justices are appointed, and so much more.

Constitutional issues are dominating the news – and now you can join the discussion with the help of U.S. Constitution for Dummies.

Author: Dr. Michael Arnheim
Narrator: Dr. Michael Arnheim
Duration: 18 hours 40 minutes
Released: 19 Dec 2003
Publisher: Gildan Media
Language: English

User Review:

meatball empty

This book was written by a barrister from London who also teaches at Cambridge and then other places. The author does a good job of presenting most arguments and then he will often throw in his two shillings which you can take or leave since you paid for the book. I’ll probably listen to it again in parts because there is so much history and trivia scattered throughout.