E.E. Isherwood – Minus America

What would the world be like without America?

The attack only takes a few minutes to sweep from coast to coast. When it ends, nearly everyone on mainland USA is gone.

Every policeman. Every housewife. Every trucker. Everyone. A continent free for the taking….

Ted MacInnis is a backup pilot on Air Force Two, over the Atlantic, when it happens. A warrior by nature, he can do little but listen as the radio signals from his homeland fade away and die.

However, one last call with his niece convinces him the attack left some behind. She might have survived, and he makes it his mission to find out. Unfortunately, his first priority is protecting his VIP passenger: Vice President Emily Williams. The woman who might already be the leader of America’s survivors.

For some, the counterattack will be violently executed with firepower. For others, surviving in empty cities without adult supervision will be challenging enough. Ted, and warriors like him, will soon be part of the most desperate fight America has ever seen. This is DAY ONE.

Author: E.E. Isherwood
Narrator: Steve Marvel
Duration: 7 hours 18 minutes
Released: 20 Nov 2002
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English

User Review:

theorist mock

Cris Dukehart is driving me crazy! Shes a good reader and I like her various accents that separate the characters from each other. Having said that, one thing I think she needs to consider; pronunciation. Some of the words she has missed pronounced include Aldebaron, Iapetus, and for heaven sakes, deuterium. She needs to look out for these words and others like them. They are specialized so are worth consideration. Every time I hear a miss pronounced word it kicks me out of the story while I tried to fix it in my head. Granted these words use a Greek or Latin pronunciation not English. Maybe thats the problem.