Edwidge Danitcat – Haiti Noir

Award-winning author Edwidge Danticat edits this collection of stories that puts a noir twist on the Haitian experience. From kidnappings gone wrong to deadly sibling rivalries, Haiti Noir features some of the Caribbean nations leading voices, including Gary Victor, Evelyne Trouillot, Kettly Mars, and Patrick Sylvain.
Author: Edwidge Danitcat
Narrator: Robin Miles, Peter Jay Fernandez, Rachel Leslie
Duration: 10 hours 36 minutes
Released: 11 Jun 2010
Publisher: Recorded Books
Language: English

User Review:

block crisp

Haiti Noir is a great collection of stories edited by Award-winning author Edwidge Danticat. Haitis mixture of extremes, rich history, and raw beauty make it a perfect setting for Noir. The word Noir has more than one meaning and its use here lends multiple layers of history, symbolism, and meaning. The stories are very dark and very well-written. Haiti Noir presents the reader with an opportunity to learn and to be swept far away into the darkness.