Eileen Kennedy-Moore PhD, Michele Borba EdD – Kid Confidence

Help your child cultivate real, lasting confidence! In Kid Confidence, a licensed clinical psychologist and parenting expert offers practical, evidence-based parenting strategies to help kids foster satisfying relationships, develop competence, and make choices that fit who they are and want to become.

As parents, its heartbreaking to hear children say negative things about themselves. But as children grow older and begin thinking about the world in more complex ways, they also become more self-critical. Alarmingly, studies show that self-esteem, for many children, takes a sharp drop starting around age eight, and this decline continues into the early teen years. So, how can you turn the tide on this upsetting trend and help your child build genuine self-esteem?

With this guide, youll learn that self-esteem isnt about telling kids they’re “special”. Its about helping them embrace the freedom that comes with a quiet ego – away of being in the world that isn’tpreoccupied with self-judgment, and instead embraces a compassionate view of oneself and others that allows for both present awareness and personal growth. When kids are less focused on evaluating andcomparing themselves with others, they are freer to empathize with others, embrace learning, and connect with the values that are bigger than themselves.

Youll also discover how your childs fundamental needs for connection, competence, and choice are essential for real self-esteem. Connection involves building meaningful and satisfying relationships that create a sense of belonging. Competence means building tangible skills. And choice is about being able to make decisions, figure out what matters, and choose to act in ways that are consistent with personal values. When children are able to fulfill these three basic needs, the question of “Am I good enough?” is less likely to come up.

If your child is suffering from low self-esteem, you need a nuanced parenting approach. Let this audiobook guide you as you help your child create unshakable confidence and lasting well-being.

Author: Eileen Kennedy-Moore PhD, Michele Borba EdD
Narrator: Caroline Turner Cole
Duration: 7 hours 11 minutes
Released: 19 Nov 2009
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Language: English

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psychologist murdered

I unfortunately could only get through half the book. I kept coming back to the book because the content was what i have been looking for as a parent and I will definitely be buying it so I can read it myself. This will also be a good book to reference back to. But I couldn’t get past the speaker. It was dry, dull and no life to the reading. You couldn’t feel the words behind it and that’s something i need when I’m listening to a book so that was a game changer.