Elizabeth Royte – Bottlemania

Bottled water is on the verge of becoming the most popular beverage in the country. But what’s the cost of all this water for us and for the environment? In this eye-opening book, Elizabeth Royte does for water what Michael Pollan did for food: She examines the people, machines, economies, and cultural trends that surround it on its journey from distant aquifers to our supermarkets and homes.

Royte looks at the various sources of drinking water (including the embattled Maine town that Poland Spring exports from), the chemicals we dump into it to make it potable, and the real differences between tap and bottled.

Bottlemania is the story of one of the greatest marketing coups of the 20th century and one of the most troubling issues facing our environment today. With a new afterword on the developing issues in clean water around the world.

Author: Elizabeth Royte
Narrator: Judy Young
Duration: 8 hours 27 minutes
Released: 9 Oct 2011
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English

User Review:

hoe judicial

Elizabeth Royte has done a very good job of presenting the tap water vs bottled water argument. It is a nuanced and complicated issue. However, for readers interested in a broader discussion of the water issues, there are more comprehensive books.